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Who We Are

The Smallest Show in Town is the realized dream of musician Chris Leone (pictured at left). Created from the idea that small things can create a big impact, it has been called "a breath of fresh air on the Pittsburgh entertainment scene." Every show is an all-ages*entertainment event, always featuring classic American tunes and lots of laughs. Guest appearances by local musicians, literary readings, storytelling, on-stage interviews, and other unexpected happenings ensure that no two events are the same.

Find Us Online

Check this site and sign up for emails to find updated live show dates and times.


Or find us any time online at YOUTUBE.

How We Play

Simple production and staging values ensure that you enjoy music in an intimate, personal setting. Human interaction aka “old school social” takes a front seat.


* Is it really for all ages?

Yes! Our cast and performers are committed to creating a live entertainment experience that promotes positivity, support, and connection for all ages. Kids and teens are welcomed and included. And because of our wide range of historic and classic tunes, it's perfect for older generations and multiple-generational family groups, too.

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